Well here it goes

When I submitted my information to an adoption agency in October, my train of thought was “let’s see if I qualify and get more information” and “it will be a couple of years until anything happens”.

Fast forward 3 months later in January, I got the phone call “we have a file of a 3 year old boy, would you like to look at it?”

And that started the wild ride.

I agonized over the decision. I contacted my parents (fortunately they don’t have any heart problems), discussed it with my sister, consulted with a doctor up at children’s hospital…

I refused to say yes or no until I felt absolutely at peace with it. I asked if my agency could get more information, and they passed on 2 more videos, 2 more photos, and an update.

I felt at peace with saying yes.

I was supposed to wait until receiving official pre approval from China to share, but I shared with my parents anyway. Then I anxiously waited. Finally on February 15th, 2016 I got the email from my awesome adoption agency “Your pre approval!!!!”

I contacted my parents, let them know, then shared the news on Facebook (forgetting how quickly news travels among my family members). My family members contacted my parents before they had a chance to get my email and I think it was one of my aunts that told my dad “congrats grandpa!”


My social worker was also awesome and expedited my home study. Next I apply for permission to bring a child into the United States through USCIS. Every form and piece of paperwork needs to be carefully notarized, then certified by the Secretary of State and authenticated at the Embassy. Then everything will be translated and delivered (hopefully with kid gloves) to CCCWA, China’s authority on adoption. Then I will have to wait and wait for their review and approval, then apply to USCIS again, and await travel approval.

Meanwhile my little guy waits. I got the email recently that he had a TB test done at my agency’s request (required for immigration) and I realized that not only am I missing whatever growth and development he’s going through while plodding through this process, but I’m also missing the chance to be there for him for every medical procedure and doctor visit.

Soon, baby boy. Soon.