Home Study Update

Friday – 1.5 of driving, 10 hours of training, 1.5 hours home.

Saturday – 1.5 hours of driving, 9 hours of training, 1.5 hours home (plus giving a very friendly stray dog a ride… I can’t help it)

Sunday – homestudy signed! And off to dog training class.

It really should have been about an hour drive but the weather was awful (plus other drivers seemed to forget how roads, cars, and headlights work).

The training was at little dude’s adoption agency, which was cool to see. They also run cultural and language classes in a nearby building. The walls were filled with photos of adoptees and Chinese art and calligraphy. The founder/owner made a point to come down and greet everyone individually and give a pep talk.

Plus, there was a couple there who is adopting a 5 year old that they hosted last Christmas from the same orphanage that little dude is in. They’re on a similar timeline as I am, so we may even travel at the same time! We exchanged info, with plans of getting the boys together at some point after arriving home.

I’m pretty sure between this past weekend and the 11 hours of training I did a couple of weeks ago plus the 3 hours of online training I must have a Ph.D in developmental trauma and attachment by now (or at least a Masters?) Fortunately I only have one more class I have to take.

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