I spent the past few weeks with family and friends, which is why I haven’t updated in a while!

My homestudy was approved by the state, and my i800a application was sent to USCIS. I’m expecting to get fingerprinted next week, approval should come a week or two after that.

I received a small grant in June, which is a big help! Hoping to hear from another grant within the next couple of weeks, and I have a few more I can apply for.

I’m also prepping the rest of my paperwork for my dossier, so once my i800a arrives and is sealed (notarized, certified, authenticated) it can be sent to my agency for critical review, and then sent to China.  My dossier is due mid-August, so I’m starting to stress out a little! With the dossier comes two more fees – one for my agency and one for the CCCWA in China.

Plans are also underway for setting up little dude’s bedroom! I hope to get it done before school starts in early August. I plan on emptying out the room, painting the walls, and hunting for some child-sized furniture. I will have to upload some pictures once it is done!


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