6,826 miles

Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was hot, I was restless, I just found out I had been denied for a grant and I was feeling a bit down.

I googled “how far is it from Colorado Springs to Luoyang?


Not helping, Google.

I am 6,826 miles from my son. I think most parents panic when their child is out of sight and 6 feet away. This process is long, and while its been relatively smooth (so far, knock on wood) its not without its obstacles and frustrations.

[Pardon the side-rant for a second – but most adoption grants are for people who attend church. Some even go as far as to say that it has to be their definition of a “Bible believing” church, whatever that may be. I do not attend church. I’ve found 5 grants that do not have church/pastor’s letter requirements. Five. I’ve heard of people applying to religious grants and applying to as many as 30].

So far I’ve received a $2000 grant from one, and been denied by another. I have two more applications that I am working on. The fifth one I haven’t heard of anyone receiving so I’m still trying to figure out if it is legit.

And I have an estimated $20,000 left in fees (estimating travel costs). About $3000 of that is due in the next few weeks so my paperwork can be sent to China.

6,826 miles. $20,000. This mountain is looking huge.


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