I received i800a approval! My approval notice is now on its way to Chicago to be authenticated at the consulate.

Once I get my authenticated items back, I send everything to my agency for critical review and if there is nothing that needs to be fixed, they will send my dossier to China! (DTC)

After DTC I wait for LID, which means China has received my dossier and has locked it in. Then I wait for LOA (letter of approval). LOA waits are taking about a month right now. After LOA it will be about 8-10 weeks until travel!

That means travel could be happening in about 3-4 months. It seems so close and so far at the same time.

Travel is the largest chunk of fees – in addition to saving my own money I’m applying for a couple more grants. I will have one last agency fee ($3100), I will need the orphanage fee (about $5000-6000), in country fees/spending money (about $2000), money for hotels/in country transportation (about $4500… should be less because I can use reward points to book two of the hotels myself), plus money for flights to/from China (about $3000). I will have to cover the in country fees and flights to/from China on my own, grants cannot be used for that.

In addition to the YouCaring site, I’m running a coffee fundraiser! There’s coffee, brewers, and hats/accessories: https://www.justlovecoffee.com/Beneficiary/Profile/4823


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