What is home?

For many of us it brings up the sights, smells, and feelings of a familiar place. A place where we feel safe and comfortable, where our needs are met, and where we are surrounded by people who love and care for us. I’m sure I’m not alone when the concept of “home” entails multiple places, such as my childhood home, my grandmother’s home, and my current home.

When you picture “home” is this what you imagine?


This is little dude’s orphanage. It sits across from another privately run orphanage and adjacent to a mental hospital. He spends his days between a room filled with cribs and a small playroom. That is his whole world right now. This is his “home” which he shares it with approximately 750+ other children.

750+ children in this one orphanage, in this one city, in this one province, in this huge country. Unimaginable. I can only assume that he is loved by someone and that he is being cared for. I don’t know that for sure. Many orphanages do the best they can with their limited resources and staff, and many nannies do love the children. Unfortunately not all orphanages or nannies are good, some can be very abusive and neglectful. While I don’t think that little dude’s orphanage is abusive or neglectful, the uncertainty kills me.

Travel cannot come quickly enough, I’m getting anxious. I’m still several thousand dollars short of being fully funded. Despite his current situation not being ideal, it is all he knows so the transition will be difficult and I know he will be overwhelmed and afraid. I look forward to the day that he is home and feels safe and loved. I just hope that everything goes smoothly and the funding comes together, so that I can travel as soon as I’m given permission.

You’ll be seeing fundraisers coming from me over the next couple months. I’m currently selling ornaments through Apparent Project. I just launched t-shirts and a fundraiser through One Mission. I know that not everyone has the means to help. I know that some people may feel like they don’t want to help. That’s ok. All it takes is enough people participating in fundraisers or donating as little as $5 or more – it adds up! I want to bring this baby home!

Current fundraisers:

One Mission – Shop for Christmas gifts!

T-shirts – available in multiple sizes and colors these feature the Chinese character for “love” on them as well as the English word “love” in cursive.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I prayed today, that God will meet your financial needs soon. He is able. But, so often He meets our needs by impressing on the hearts of others to help. So, my prayer has been, “raise an army of helpers today.”
    Love you…and can’t wait to travel to Little Dude’s home so we can bring him to yours.

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  3. Alicia, I feel the tug of heart strings as I read “his” story……………I believe you have this journey for a reason…………..This little guy will have his home, in your home. I continue to believe with you.
    Love Grandma


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