60 days later – LOA!

Technically my official approval date was on Friday, my agency received the hard copy today. This is China’s Letter of Approval, and when I sign to formally accept little dude as my son (there will be more signatures in China, of course).

I’m preparing his care package…


His room is pretty much done:


What’s next?

I have several more steps to complete to satisfy immigration and visa requirements before receiving travel approval (TA). My agency estimates travel in 9-12 weeks – but others say they tend to intentionally overestimate and it could be 6-8 weeks. In order to travel I NEED to be fully funded. Fortunately the majority of things are paid. All that is left is:

Orphanage fee: estimated $5900

Flights: estimated $3000?

In country adoption fees and expenses: estimated $2200?

In country travel costs: estimated $2000-3000?

If you’re able please consider donating or purchasing items through my latest fundraiser with One Mission. They have a lot of unique gifts (hint hint – Christmas gifts)  Thank you!







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